Loafers & Moccasins: Most Common Among Men & Women of All Ages

There has never been a single style of footwear appreciated by more people than loafers. Men, women, and children have been wearing loafers for decades and still wear them today. They attract people with reliable comfort. They are easy to wear and used in almost any situation. Styles are even starting to be important features of loafers. Loafers are solid examples of practical shoes.

Loafers with any Attire

Loafers are a must for anyone who wants to reduce the size of their shoe collection. With one or a few pairs of loafers, a person can access almost all functions with their heads held high. Loafers go well with jeans, making you look sophisticated without looking difficult. Loafers can be worn in the office with pants or skirts. These are no-nonsense shoes that will transport you all day long without clinging to your feet. A nice pair of loafers can replace dress shoes on formal occasions, especially if you are not able to wear more difficult dress shoes like high heels. Since loafers can be used for almost any occasion, it is wise to keep a few pairs in your closet. Check out our Loafers collection for Men!

Pros' of Keeping Loafers in your wardrobe

Easy Wearing

The first thing you notice if you try on your first pair of loafers is that they slip easily. This makes them quick to put on. If the person who needs shoes has a handicap, putting on loafers can make the difference in being able to put on their own shoes or ask for help.

Elderly people often cannot fold so that they can tie their shoes. Some people find it difficult to tie shoes because of arthritis in their hands and fingers. Having a good pair of loafers allows seniors to put on their own shoes to look great.

Comfortable to the feet

When you have worn loafer’s shoes, you will find that comfort is also an advantage. Very few are made of anything but made of leather. This means that your foot can breathe, especially since the shoes are not tight or high. The cushioning and arch support inside the loafers makes you feel better when wearing loafers than if you were walking barefoot.

The small heels of most loafers are not enough to cause tension on the toes, ankles, or legs. Quite the contrary - small heels are generally more comfortable to walk than a completely flat shoe because they leave more space for the support of the arch. Rest assured that a well-fitting pair of loafers will make your feet look good, no matter how long you wear them. Check our Women Loafers Collection!

People around the world wear loafers. With new styles, like loafers, and more traditional styles, like penny loafers and men's tassel loafers, loafers are popular than ever. Loafers are easy to wear that anyone, from young children to the disabled to pregnant women, can wear them without help. These are some of the most comfortable shoes you will find. With styles for all occasions, there is every reason to have loafers in your shoe wardrobe.