What Are the best men dress shoe Styles?

Dress shoes for men are very classic and sharpen a look, especially when combined with the most favorable clothing. Topping the list when looking for a pair of quality dress shoes is the material. Leather wins for most men, as does the right cut and heel. Branded dress shoes for men are known for the brogue work that they accompany on the top of the foot.

If you want to have a pair that you will love to wear, then you have to consider the design of the brogue and also the style of the toes. These are not items that come to mind for most men when purchasing, but they are certain features that are worth checking out when purchasing your pair of men's dress shoes.

Dress Shoes' Toe Styles

Of course, perfect shoes are always a matter of personal style and appeal, but when it comes to dressing shoes, you will only get them right if you know which style works for which look. When purchasing dress shoes, remember that rounding is always better than square.

Plain Toe Shoes

This style has the vamp unscathed, thus offering a minimalist and very clean look. Choose this when you want your outfit to stand out more than the shoe.

Cap Toe Shoes

This is a style that has a horizontal seam aspect that ends up dividing the shoe upper to the toe. In most cases, the seams are actually a separate piece sewn on the vamp like a cap. Oxford dress shoes are the most notable when it comes to the tip of the hat, but a number of other dress shoes also have this toe style.

Medallion Toe Shoes

Shoes of this style have a plain toe, but with touches of brogue decoration. The decorations are not so pronounced, and the toe remains united, except at a short distance.

Split Toe Shoes

It is also known as an apron toe, and it has a seam starting in the middle of the shoe around the toe and going to the central area on the side of the shoe. Casual dress shoes usually have this style.

WingTip Shoes

This style features a winged hood that flakes off in the middle. The center of the toe usually has a brogue and a long hood seam.

Oxford Shoes

Brogue is the decorative perforated shoe, which also has various patterns and sizes. Perforations have long been used as water outlets when walking on wet terrain, but they have now become a statement of fashion and style. The derby, oxford, and monk shoes are the shoes that have these decorations, and you can find them in different styles.

Solid Shoes

Brogues take a winged cap shape with the cap peaking at the opposite toe and the sides extending over the sides of the shoe. It is a style that offers a bold appearance suitable for making a statement.

Longwing Shoes

The brogue takes a W shape, with sides extending on both sides of the shoe and up to the central seam at the back of the shoe.