Women's Clothing – Change Over A Period

Women's clothing changed over the centuries. Women wear dresses and skirts. Women started wearing pants. Women were always taught to be like women and always wore modest clothing. Earlier women were not used to show cleavage or wear tight pants as the way they dresses today. Which seems to be a reflection of desensitization of our current society and the feminist movement. People now a days look at woman in their miniskirt or tight pants underneath with her neckline hanging down as a normal dress. People think this is healthy and a revolution in women's clothing compared to the way women used to dress. But perhaps the woman's body is something to be appreciated and not exposed.

Traditional Women's Clothing 

In the Victorian era, women wore large hoop skirts and plenty of underwear. They were always covered from head to toe. Women's clothing before the Victorian era was also a very modest outfit. If you take a look at women's clothing from around the world, many women would wear a fairly modest outfit consisting basically of long skirts and dresses. There are and existed exceptions from different cultures that do not see clothing as a daily necessity or rather use it very little.

Conventional Clothing Style

The femininity of urban women's clothing is something very special. Television and movies show us that a woman's femininity can be very powerful, but they can be overexposed and misused. When shown to a woman in little or no clothing, it is embarrassing for the woman herself. Some good things came out of the women's feminist revolution, such as the advancement of women in society and in the workplace. But in terms of exposing the sacred body of women, this is where the revolution went wrong. Even a man's body is something sacred and should not be exposed to the world. The human form is beautiful but should not be exploited.

Modern Clothing Style

In most regions, you will find women dressing quite modestly, you will observe women walking in bikini, miniskirts, and stockings with high heels. What does this say about herself? Does this explain her intelligence and self-confidence or it’s simply a reflection of the way our present society is degrading the women? A woman's body is beautiful, but a woman is more valuable to her than just her body.

Women have always been very selective about what they wear and how they leave their home. However, there are certain women who are really particular about the type of brands and labels they wear. Today, there are so many designers on the market that women have so many options to choose from buying the best clothes.

Pocket-friendly Options

Another thing that may come to your mind is the price of these high-end designer clothes. It becomes one of the factors that tend to prevent people from buying these clothes as they somehow become inaccessible to women on a tight and fixed budget. However, there are some designers who design clothing at a very reasonable price that is extremely affordable for women on tight budgets.